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Great choice for the budget-conscious consumer


The Saukhyam Value Pack has two day pad bases and two inserts and one night pad base and one night pad insert. The base piece has two straps on either ends. The insert can be slipped through these straps when needing extra protection. All day pad bases and night pad base have a leak-proof layer

This best-selling pack has day pad bases and inserts and night pad bases and inserts. The pack includes:

  1. Saukhyam Day Pad Bases - 3
  2. Saukhyam Day Pad Inserts - 3
  3. Saukhyam Night Pad Bases - 2
  4. Saukhyam Night Pad Inserts-2
  5. Saukhyam Pouch - 1
  6. Saukhyam Wet Bag - 1

The day pad base and night pad base pieces have two straps on either ends. The insert can be slipped through these straps when extra protection is needed. All day pad bases and night pad bases have a leak-proof layer. There are a total of ten pad pieces; sufficient for most women who have made up their minds to make a complete shift to cloth sanitary pads

Caring for your reusable sanitary napkins

Saukhyam Reusable Sanitary Napkins are easy to wash and dry:

  • Soak soiled cloth pads in tap water (do not use hot water as that will set the stains) for about 5 minutes. Squeeze soaked pads gently.
  • If hand washing, apply some washing soap, and rub gently. Do not use a brush. Rinse with tap water.
  • These reusable pads are washable in a machine.
  • Sun dry your washable sanitary pads by hanging them on a clothesline.
  • The washable sanitary pads can be dried in a dryer. Recommended settings are high heat for insert and low heat for the base piece.

Please note that the colors shown in the product picture are only representative. The color of the product shipped to you might vary depending on what we have in stock. The value pack will last approximately 1-2 years if given proper care.

Tip:If drying the reusable sanitary napkins indoors, then take care that the pad is not hung in a dark or poorly ventilated space.


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